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Batch File Rename - A simple utility to rename multiple files

Batch File Rename - a simple utility to rename multiple files on your Macintosh Computer

I paid for the item, but can't get the download...

Our downloads are available for immediate download after your purchase. You can get them automatically after you pay, simply by clicking the link that says, "Return to Merchant's website" after you finish with PayPal. You also receive the file renaming app automatically by email. If you don't see the email, please check your junk mail. If you ever have any need, you can contact us, and we can email a link to you manually. Please keep in mind that this process will not be instant. Usually, we will respond to your email in less than 24 hours (Usually within minutes).

What about Updates?

We really appreciate our registered users and loyal customers. All of the Batch File Rename updates are free for life. Thanks for being a loyal customer! If you ever have a feature request, we encourage you to contact us. We can't promise to implement every suggestion, but we have added over a dozen features over the years - most of those ideas have come from our customers.

I need detailed instructions on using your app
Check out the Batch File Rename Instructions Here!

How do I use the Batch File Rename Utility to rename a list of files?

This feature is a little tricky, but it has amazing versatility, and can help you assign unique names quickly and easily - without a lot of typing. The problem with typing in file names is that you have to click the file once, wait a second for it to be "edit-able," then type the name, and then move to the next file and do the same thing over again. If you have a list of names (in a text file or spreadsheet), it is much more efficient to rename multiple files according to that list (and it is much easier to make that list in the first place). Batch File Renamer - an app to rename multiple files on your macTo use the "Rename files according to a list" feature, you just need to create a text file with the list of names you want to apply. It is very important that this file be saved as PLAIN TEXT. If you are using TextEdit on the Mac, go to File>Preferences, and select "Plain Text" as indicated in the image to the left. Press "Enter" (or return) after each entry. In Excel, you can get the right format by saving as text, tab delimited. You can also do this with Simple Text (on older Macs)... Please be sure that you are not using RTF (Rich Text Format), otherwise, you will get an error when trying to rename multiple files with this feature..


Page Last modified: October 18, 2014

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Rename Multiple Files on the Mac

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Supported OSs:

El Capitan (11.11)
Yosmeite (10.10)
Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)
Leopard (10.5)
Tiger (10.4)
Panther (10.3)

Batch File Rename:

The Batch File Rename software is available for immediate download after purchase. Once you have completed your transaction on PayPal's website, return to GOTOES.ORG to obtain the Batch File Rename software. A link is also sent by email. If you do not get the email, check your junk mail filter!

Download the Free Trial of the Batch File Rename The Batch File Rename program is compatible with Mac OS X.  Once you purchase, updates are FREE for life! Our free trials are full featured. The only limitations are the number of items you can process.

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