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Help Moving Files:

What can I do with your program?
To Bundle Files (i.e. merge files from a larger hierarchy into a single folder), simply drag all of the containing folders onto the program window. Select "Bundle" and select "Copy" (you can also select "Move"). Run the program by clicking the large button that says, "Click Here to Run Program"
To Distribute Files (i.e. send a single (or multiple) file(s) to multiple directories), simply drag all the files and/or folders that you want to send, and select "Distribute" Run the program by clicking the large button that says, "Click Here to Run Program" You will be prompted to select all the folders where you would like to have the files copied (or shortcuts made).
What Does the "Include Nested Folders" Check box do?
If you check the "Include Nested Folders" check box before bundling files (it will be grayed out during distribution), the program will search recursively through the directories for files to move or copy. For example, say you are trying to consolidate your files from iTunes. When iTunes goes to organize your files, it will take your music, and put it a folder with the album name - and within that folder, a folder with the Artist's name. Now, your mp3 file is 3 folders deep. Rather than dig through each of these folders manually, you can use the Bundle Files Program to gather all of the mp3 files buried within these nested folders into one, single folder. If you leave the box unchecked, the program will only search for files within the first directory.
What Does the "Ignore Invisible Files" Check box do?
Mac OSX uses a number of hidden, or invisible files to run the system. Sometimes your folders may contain some of these invisible files - especially the .DS_Store files. You probably do not want to move or copy these files when you are bundling, so we recommend that you leave this box checked. Nevertheless, if you do want to move these files, we give you that option!
What Does the "Add 1,2,3" Check box do?
Let's say that you decide that you want to take the files from 100 different folders, and move them all into one, single folder. This program can do that for you. BUT, what if there are duplicate file names in each folder? It is possible to have files with the same name in different folders - but you cannot have files with the same name in the exact same folder! The program will easily take care of that by incrementally adding a number to any duplicated files - if you leave this box checked. The other possibility is that all of these duplicate files are exactly the same - so you only need to have one copy in your single folder anyway. If that is the case, leave the box unchecked. This is a very effective way for you to "prune" duplicated files to reclaim disk space!
How Does the "Just Generate Preview" option work?
The Generate Preview check box gives you an opportunity to see what is going to happen. If you select this option before running the program, NO FILES WILL BE MOVED OR COPIED. You will just get a table that lists the file name before, and the file name after. This allows you to check to see if you have set the application up in the way that you had intended. To process the files, simply close the preview window, uncheck the preview box, and run the program again. Your files will be moved / copied as you requested.
How Does the "Filter By Text" option work?
Filter by text is one of the most powerful features of this app. Let's say you have several folders full of a mixture of files. Text files, mp3 files, and photos. Let's say you want to put all of the photos into one folder, all of the mp3's into a second folder, and all of the text files into a third folder. Simply drag all of your mixed up folders into the window. To gather all of the text files, choose a destination folder (using the choose button at the bottom, left-hand corner), and type in ".txt." into the "Filter By Text" box. When you run the program, all of the text files will be copied or moved into the new folder. Repeat the process for your mp3 and files and your photos.
How Do I turn off that annoying sounds at the end?
Some people like a notification sound at the end of the process, some don't. The default is to have the notification sound on, but if you want to turn it off, just go to File>Preferences and uncheck the box.
How do I get the software?
After you pay for the software, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the full version. You will also get an email link with the software.
What is the difference between the paid and free version?
There is a Free Trial (Link to left). The Free version will bundle and distribute files (and folders), but you are limited to processing 3 files or folders at a time. The registered version has no limitations whatsoever, however if you are attempting to process more than 100,000 files at a time (possible with nested folder hierarchies), the application may begin to slow. Remember, the application can only copy files as quickly as your hardware allows. The major limitation is disk drive speed - if your hard drive is slow, or tied up doing other things, this may cause the bundle files application to function more slowly when moving several hundred Gigabytes of data. Please be patient and allow the application to complete its task. We have added a progress indicator (04/28/2011) so can can monitor massive file copies. Most file copies / moves will execute in a matter of seconds / minutes - this mostly applies to moving several gigabytes of data, using the "Add 1,2,3 option" and "Nested Folder" options. (these two previous options can slow the application down somewhat during massive file moves).
Page Last modified: September 29, 2013

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