Use RSS Feeds to get updates on the Bundle Files App

  RSS Feed How To GOTOESRSS feeds are an easy way to get notified of updates on any web page. GOTOES uses RSS feeds to provide you an non intrusive way of learning when new versions of your purchased software have been released. That way, you are always sure that you are using the latest version of your favorite apps! Remember - updates for all of our apps are free for life! If you don't know how to use RSS feeds, here is a quick tutorial how:


  First, drag the RSS feed icon into your bookmarks bar as shown to the left. This same drag-and-drop procedure will work for any page that supports RSS Feeds. Some pages may use different icons, or just the text "RSS." They can almost always be dragged to your bookmarks bar - or your bookmarks folder (we just recommend dragging to the bookmarks bar because the notifications are more visible that way).


  Once you have completed the drag, you will be prompted to name the RSS Feed. Choose a name that is memorable - likely the name of the app that you downloaded from GOTOES in this case. Now, if you are using Safari for your web browser, you will see your new bookmark appear - along with a number in parenthesis. That number is the number of new updates available for the app! The first time you do this, RSS Feed instructionsALL of the updates will be new, so just visit the link once to clear it out. In the future, though, that number in the parenthesis will get updated whenever a new software update is released for your app! You do not need to go checking the app page periodically - your browser will check in for you 30 minutes a day - automatically in the background.


  If you are using Firefox or Chrome, the procedure is the same for adding the RSS feed to your bookmarks bar. Unfortunately, Chrome does not yet (natively) support RSS feeds. If Chrome is your favorite browser, you may wish to check out this RSS Feed Extension. If Firefox is your favorite browser, you may wish to learn more about Live Bookmarks.




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