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Free Trial available of MiJournal. If you have an existing copy of MiJournal, and it won't launch on Yosemite here is the FIX!

MiJournal (pronounced [mahy jur-nl] like "My Journal") gives you a feature rich set of options for organizing your daily record of occurrences, experiences, or observations. MiJournal is much like the paper journals from days of old, except that you can back it up, drag-and-drop photos and videos into your entries, password protect it, and encrypt it. Plus, you will never run out of Journal Entry pages!

MiJournal is Fun MiJournal makes it easy to add photos and videos to your journal entries. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this will save you some typing! Just drag and drop Images, Videos, sound clips - even links to emails and iCal items into the main window.

  • Features: MiJournal is Feature RichMiJournal is Feature Rich
  • Create: MiJournal lets you be creative with colors and backgroundsMiJournal lets you be creative with colors and backgrounds
  • Secure: MiJournal allows you to encrypt your diaryMiJournal allows you to encrypt your diary
  • Search: Powerful Search Engine searches decades in secondsPowerful Search Engine searches decades in seconds
  • Sync: Sync your journal across all your MacsSync your journal across all your Macs

MiJournal has a super fast search algorithmmMiJournal is Fast Searching your Journal entries is fast with MiJournal. MiJournal uses an efficient database to allow you to search through tens of thousands of journal entries in a second. Also, for advanced users, MiJournal allows the use of pattern matching and regular expressions to help you find things quickly and easily.

MiJournal Allows you to easily password protect AND encrypt your journal entries!MiJournal is Secure MiJournal uses strong des3 encryption to keep your journal entries safe and secure. Also, MiJournal allows you to set a password to keep others from opening the program.

MiJournal Allows you to move your journal entry folder anywhere.  This means that you can synchronize your journals (and back them up) using dropbox!MiJournal is Flexible MiJournal lets you store your Journal Entry database anywhere you want. This means that you can even store your journal entries in your dropbox folder. Not only does this provide another layer of backup to your Journal entries (assuming you are using Time Machine as well), but it also allows you to sync your journal entries across multiple Macs!

MiJournal is the best Mac based Journal writing program.MiJournal works on Mac OSX We love Macs for their simplicity, and ease of use. We think that your Apps should be the same: Easy and intuitive to use right out of the Box. MiJournal is just that: a feature rich Journaling application that you can learn to use in just a few minutes.

Page Last modified: October 21, 2014

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A Beautiful Diary Application For your Mac

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Supported OSs:

High Sierra (10.13)
Sierra (10.12)
El Capitan (10.11)
Yosemite (10.10)
Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)

Mac Journal App:

The MiJournal software is available for immediate download after purchase. Once you have completed your transaction on PayPal's website, return to GOTOES.ORG to obtain the MiJournal software. A link is also sent by email. If you do not get the email, check your junk mail filter!

Download the Free Trial of the MiJournal The MiJournal program is compatible with Mac OS X.  Once you purchase, updates are FREE for life! Our free trials are full featured. The only limitations are the number of items you can process.

Download a Free Trial Free Trial of MiJournal Software