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  1. Hey, could you add [insert GPS name here] GPS?
    Sure, but please use the Contact Form (Link in upper right hand corner of every page) - don't use the Star feedback page - I can't contact you from there! Each GPS has an "ID" number. These numbers aren't published anywhere, so the only way for me to get them is to look at the file that each GPS produces. I only own a few of the devices in the list, so the remainder of the list has been built by people sending me a file (so I can look up the number) and then them telling me which GPS it is.

  2. It stripped my temperature data!
    Sorry, guys... the TCX file format does NOT include temperature. Until Garmin allows us to write to FIT files or adds temperature to the TCX schema, I think that this isn't going to be an option

  3. When I combined the files my elevations went form 10,000 and 7,000 to just over 14,000' when the activities were combined.
    Elevation is computed in many different ways - and this is a huge bane of the Strava platform. But you have a little control too. Strava will "trust" data if it comes from a barometric device... so when you are uploading the file, you can just change the GPS type to one of the barometric devices in the list (Garmin 500, for example). If you do this, Strava will utilize the data recorded in your file as opposed to their database. This may disappoint you, though, because sometimes the elevation will be lower than what you were hoping for. At this point, you can click the blue Elevation link (located under your total climbing) and ask Strava to recalculate your total climbing. This may give you a higher (or lower) number. Personally, I'm not a fan of exaggerating your climbing, and I don't encourage you to do this - but I wanted to respond to the negative feedback about this aspect of the tool... Our tool has nothing to do with your climbing numbers - that is all on Strava.

  4. The start/finish times of the files I selected was all good, but when it merged the "start" time of the file was 7 minutes later. Here is why this happened: You chose the "Randomize ID tag" option when you combined the files. What is this option? Basically, Strava uses your activity start time to see if you are uploading a duplicate activity. If you upload two files with the same start time, then Strava will reject it. How do we deal with that? We give you the OPTION of randomizing the start time by a few minutes in order to trick Strava into thinking that this is a different activity. The reason we give you this option is because people often upload the partial activity and don't want to delete it before uploading the combined file. This allows you to have both present at the same time, but you're going to see a little variation in the start time. If you want to avoid this, just remove the original activity and then don't check the randomize ID tag option.

  5. Hi, the graphical representation shows the exercise correctly but when uploading, the heart rate data begins after the tcx data.
    This is because you're using the wrong tool! This tool combines FIT, TCX, or GPX files end to end, and This tool Merges Heart Rate files with Position Files (TCX or FIT format)

  6. One suggestion: clarify that all files that need to be combined must be selected at the same time. I had a few false attempts selecting one file at a time and believing they would be combined later.

  7. I uploaded the merged tcx file to my Strava and it shown as "Run" activity instead of "Bike". How can I fix this?
    You will need to make sure that you check the proper activity type on the 2nd page (this is the one with the color coded graphical representation of your files - there is a drop down for run/ride).

  8. Why don't Calories Match when I upload to Strava?
    Good Question! Strava has it's own way of calculating calories. So, your Garmin may present the number of calories burned in the FIT file (or TCX file), but Strava is going to go ahead and ignore that value. Instead, they will calculate it based on tour activity type, mileage, the body weight you gave them, and your climbing. You're not the first person to notice this either. Our tool adds up the Garmin calories, I can assure you... but some apps like Strava ignore the value (unless you're doing a trainer ride or indoor run). The discrepancy has nothing to do with our tool. We recommend that you take the higher number and eat the corresponding number of brownies for dessert!

  9. The merger worked but that[sic] added the durations of the two files together.
    ... Right.... That's what it is supposed to do...

  10. Couple of minor issues: - no comments and kudos copied - was a first time ride but all segments show 2nd best time.
    For the first issue: Kudos and comments cannot be copied! We don't work at Strava - but you can try writing to Strava and asking them to copy kudos and comments to another activity for you. Better yet, when you have a split file that you know you're going to need to combine: Don't upload anything until AFTER you have combined the files. That way, people won't start kudoing and commenting on your partial activity. As for your 2nd question: Please delete the original file(s) that you had uploaded to Strava... then Wait about 10 minutes for Strava to reset your achievements. Upload the combined file that you get from us, and you should get your proper achievements. If not, on your activity page, click the wrench and select "Refresh Activity Achievements."

  11. Nice program. I was able to use this to splice two workouts together and upload to Garmin Connect. However, Training Peaks gives an error "Attempt to upload a file with multiple workouts".
    If you get this message, or a "duplicate activity" message from Strava, please make sure that you selected the "Randomize ID tag" option on page 2 when you're creating your final track on our website.

  12. Did not do what I wanted. I have a TCX file from my Vivosmart (HRM, Steps?) and a TCX file from MapMyFitness (GPS). I'd like to combine them into one file. This is from a hike, currently my mobile does cannot receive the ANT signal from my HRM. This would involve reading each timestamp and SEWING the two files together, not just appending one after another
    This is because you're using the wrong tool! This tool combines FIT, TCX, or GPX files end to end, and This tool Merges Heart Rate files with Position Files (TCX or FIT formats)

  13. Sorry, but it didn't work. Strava reported an error saying there was no time stamp information. The 2 files were from a wattbike ride so maybe that confused it!
    We've made some changes to coerce Strava into accepting stationary bike files.

...And Some Positive Comments ...thanks, guys!

  1. Originally I was editing GPX files to combine. Then RWGPS introduced a 'merge' function. Then they limited to the premium subscription subscribers. I went back to editing GPX files - one attempt worked, the next didn't. Tried various other solutions proposed on the net - none worked until I got to this one. Have only used once so far but it is simple and worked. Well done -

  2. works flawlessly! Both direct upload to Strava and personal download for other trainer programs! good job! Paul - the Netherlands

  3. Folks This worked really well and very simple to set up. Absolutely delighted as I keep double tapping my tom tom instead of starting again duh. Brilliant app :)

  4. Awesome tool. I had problems with my Garmin Fenix crashing during my biggest ultra marathon to date and ended up with multiple files for the race. Your tool allowed me to merge the files and still have one awesome log of my race! Thanks!

  5. awesome tool!! just what I needed. 50 mile race where my watch died about mile 46. Thought I had lost the opportunity to see the entire event as 1 file. Super easy to use. I made 1 mistake on my first try not realizing it would recognize a duplicate file in Strava. Quickly fixed that and BAM, 1 file. Thanks!

  6. Very useful tool. It was a little confusing to upload both files at the same time. I tried to do one file after another and didn't realize. Thank you very much.

  7. It's great, makes up for my MS Band turning itself off if you stop for too long (as well as general clumsiness

  8. Thank you so much! My Garmin 810 was playing up on the toughest ride of my life, turning itself off etc. With the exception of one small file which was corrupted too badly, your program was able to piece together the entire route.

  9. Worked perfectly! Kept heart rate data and everything else!

  10. Absolutely wicked!! Thank you....

  11. This is amazing !! great web app !

  12. show!!!

  13. Worked great! Thanks for the app!!!

  14. amazing tool if you want to merge multiple tcx or helped me a lot.

  15. Worked flawlessly, impressed with the graphical sorting. Would be nice if the GPS device type/activity type was pre-matched from my GPX files (if those already contain this info, not sure) Thanks for the effort you put into it, I know I wish Strava did! :-) Cheers from Prague

  16. This worked a treat. Thank you !

  17. Brilliant, saved mucking about with Wordeditor. Lost some of the overall summary data but did the job. Thanks

  18. Worked like a hot damn!


  20. first time i used this, great many thanks!

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  23. Worked great, thanks! I combined 6 hikes over 6 days to show the total backpacking trip for the Scout Troop. Very useful!!!

  24. This is great esp as my NEW 8100 is failing me more and more often!

  25. Finding this great as my Garmin is systematically failing!! Makes the ride anxiety go away!

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  29. This worked pretty well. It highlighted the Strava fail point for me which was that Strava paused itself for around 4km so I missed a chunk of my run out. Sadly there appears to be no way to fix this manually. But your result is better than what I had before which is two incomplete runs. Thanks. This is a useful tool

  30. Amazing tool you guys have some thing special I was blown away with how fast and easy this tool was.

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  32. Thanks! I accidentally reset my Garmin while on my Gran Fondo 100 ride. This worked like a charm!

  33. Thanks man much appreciated, will surely donate next time

  34. Great set of tools. I just combined 3 of my runs and the tool worked flawlessly. Thank you!

  35. worked great. Thanks this is awesome. My Garmin battery gave up and I continued to record via the Strava App and both combined nicely.

  36. Hi Excellent stuff. Often "double hit" pause mid run as I train round a city. This joins up nicely runs split in this way. Thanks very much! :)

  37. Just like it said on the tin...perfect...thanks, great job.

  38. works perfectly fine! thank you guys a lot! and thanks for adding tomtom multisport watch as a device!

  39. worked perfect! thank you so so much! you guys are amazing!

  40. Brilliant tool!!!

  41. Perfect. Garmin froze 3 times and you saved me

  42. Great, saved me fiddling with it manually.

  43. It all work perfectly and really simply. Thanks

  44. worked perfectly and with a mix of file types too. nice work!

  45. This was sooooo easy! Thank you!!!

  46. Fantastic - thanks. I've just completed the Cingles du Mont Ventoux (3 climbs in a day) and my Garmin packed up with 16 miles to go. I finished using the iPhone app and your programme stitched the two together.

  47. Worked a treat. Thanks :)

  48. Thanks, worked great lnking a 65km ride where my garmin dies after 45km and my phone was used to pick up the rest.

  49. It worked awesomely - thanks!

  50. Very good work! Very much appreciated!! THANKS!

  51. Worked brilliantly. I pressed "lap" in the wrong places on my triathlon today but managed to individually export the activities from Strava, then combine them here and produce multiple TCX with random tags so that I could then crop them into the correct activities and format (swim/bike/run) on Strava.

  52. Great tool ... simple to use .. straight forward ...

  53. Simple and clean process. Thank you for developing such a great GPX combining tool.

  54. Thanks so much! I did a 141k ride today and the batteries in my Garmin died at 6 hours. I went ahead and used my mobile for the rest of the trip but I never though I'd be able to merge them! Thanks so much, if you take bitcoin I'd be happy to send a little your way.

  55. awesome app, thank you. I tried combining 2 gpx files on my own that when I had inadvertently stopped recording halfway though a ride. for some reason using my mac text editor the file edit never worked properly. This app did the trick first try.

  56. Worked great...used two other merge tools that didn't work, so this one was perfect!

  57. worked brilliantly, what a handy fix!!! many thanks

  58. This is great. Strava should pay you for it and implement it on their own website already.

  59. Excellent combining 2 activities from Strava exported as GPX files.

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  61. great, I was so worried that my col de tourmalet did not go properly into Strava. But thanks to you guys it did! super!!!!

  62. Battery died on the Garmin while I was over halfway of my ride. Turned the phone on to complete the ride. Thanks to this tool I can save it all in one ride, thanks a lot!! Works awesome.