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Folder Icon Creator - A beautiful tool to Create Custom Icons

(Updated 04/29/2012)

How do I use Folder Icon Creator?
Using the Folder Icon Creator Is simple! Just open the program, and drag the folders you want to customize into the bottom left hand window:
How To Create Icons with the Folder Icon Creator
Once your list of files is in the table, simply click on a folder icon (from the grid above). When you click on one of the icons in the grid, the program will change the icon for every item in the table to one of your custom icons.
If you only want to change some of icons for the files/folders the in the table, it is easy! Simply highlight the files/folders in the table whose icon you want to change, then click the desired custom icon in the grid above. Only the selected files/folders will get a new custom icon. If nothing is selected in the table, the program will change the icons for all of the files/folders in the table.
I changed the icon, but it still looks the same
There has been a long standing bug with Finder where desktop icons do not get refreshed. Basically, it appears that Finder re-draws the desktop, but doesn't reload the source for icons. This may be done to reduce memory. So, even though Folder Icon Changer has changed the icon for you, Finder may not be displaying it always. This Finder bug has occurred very rarely, but it seems that it has been happening more often with El Capitan. As such, we've included a button in the app itself to force Finder to relaunch. You can do this manually if your changes are not showing up.
How Do I change The Icon Library?
Toggling between the custom icon libraries is simple. In the toolbar at the top, you can see a list of the available custom icons for you mac.How To Change Custom Icons Library Simply Click one of those icons, and the grid will be filled with the custom icons from that library. You even have the option of customizing the toolbar so that your favorite custom icon libraries are in easy view - so you can access your favorite custom icons quickly. Also, we provide several "empty" libraries, so you can easily drag and drop your own personalized icons into the empty library (see below for instructions).
How do I import my Personal, Customized Icons?
Adding your own personalized, Custom Icons to the custom icon library is easy - all you do is drag and drop!Folder Icon Creator Personal Customized IconsSimply select one of the custom icon libraries in the tool bar (see instructions above - the custom icon libraries look like folders in the tool bar), and then drop in any PNG image. You can get PNG images from many places on the web, or you can create your own! An excellent resource for free, custom icons for personal use can be found at Icon Archive. You can download hundreds of thousands of free icons from their website!
How do I Delete Icons?
To delete icons, you need to turn on the delete tool, which can be found in the "File" menu.!Delete Customized IconsTo turn on the delete tool, simply click the Delete Icons option from the File menu. Once you have selected it, any icons you click on (in the custom libraries) will be permanently deleted. Please note that you cannot delete any of the built-in icons. Once you are done deleting icons, please be sure to go back to the File menu to turn this feature off (otherwise, you may continue to accidentally delete icons from your library).
Can I load a bunch of folders, and change the icons one-at-a-time?
Yes, you can... and it is pretty easy. Just drop all the files and folders whose icons you want to change into the bottom window. Multiple Icon SelectionsThen, while hoding down the command key on your mac, click on the names of all the files / folders whose icons you would like to change to a certain icon from your library. Apply the icon as usual by clicking on the icon once in the library window. Once these icons have been changed, you don't need to unload the files / and folders... simply de-select them, and highlight some others, and change them to another icon.
How do I Change the Background for my Icons?
You can change the background that your icons are displayed upon.Personalized Icon PreferencesIf you are customizing your icons, it is nice to be able to see them overlaid on the background that you will be using. Just go to Preferences (under the file menu) and click on any of the palette options. Immediately, the color of the icon background in the main window will change so you can get a quick look at how your icons are going to appear on your background. We have chosen several attractive icon backgrounds, as well as some of the default solid colors included in your Apple display settings.
How do I Change the Labels for my Custom Icon Folders?
Now, you can have personalized names for your custom icon libraries.Personalized Icon PreferencesThis feature is also available from the user preferences. Simply type in the new name that you would like to have applied to the custom icon library folders, and click-away from the field. It will be updated immediately. This will help you organize your personalized icon libraries!
Why can't I change certain Icons?
The Mac OSX system reserves certain icons for Volumes. A volume is a disk (either real or virtual) that is attached to your machine. A volume can be a mounted disk image, or a hard drive... even a time machine backup. If you try to change the icon for one of these items, your Mac will automatically revert the icon to what it was before. Unfortunately, Folder icon maker cannot override the system settings. Folder Icon maker can change the icons for folders and files however. Sometimes people try to change the icons for applications in their dock. Folder icon can do that, but you must follow these steps: If you try to drag something directly from the dock into folder icon maker, it will not work. It is imperative to follow the steps above.
Where can I get Free Icons to use with Your Program?
There are many resources for free icons on the web, but one that we are very fond of is Icon Archive because they have extensive lists of icons that are free for personal use.

Page Last modified: November 30, 2015

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