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MiJournal on Yosemite Issue

If MiJournal will not launch, or if it crashes on Yosemite, read here.

Apple has made some changes to the localizations features in Yosemite. As such, MiJournal will not launch on Yosemite in SOME countries. In order to fix this, we have released a helper script. Most countries are not affected. Here is how to fix the issue:
  1. Download the latest MiJournal. You need to have 1.3.3 or later installed.
  2. Quit MiJournal (MiJournal must not be open while running the helper script).
  3. Download the MiJournalFixer script.
  4. Unzip, and run the MiJournal Fixer script. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. When it is done, go ahead and launch MiJournal 1.3.3 or later
This issue only affects existing copies of MiJournal. New purchases as of 1.3.3 should not be affected, no matter the country of purchase.

Page Last modified: October 21, 2014

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