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How to create Zip Files that PC users can understand.

Free Trial available of our Zip files for the PC on your Mac utilityIf you have come to this page, you probably already are part of the growing ranks who love Macintosh computers. You probably are also aware that we live in a PC world, and sending zip archives that you create on your Mac can confuse and confound PC users with the extra ".DS_Store" and "__MACOSX" files. Be kind, PC users already have enough confusion to deal with. Send them zip files that they can understand!

When you use the "Create Archive" function on your Mac (to create a zip file) you may believe that you have made a cross-platform file that can be opened by any Mac or PC user... but that is not true. PC users will be able to see files and folders that would be hidden on the Mac: The ".DS_Store" file and "__MACOSX" folder.

Not only can these files and folders confuse your end-user - but they can also confound downstream processing on PC where the end-user has automated extraction for zip files, resulting in a failed extraction of the zip file. The solution is our Zip Mac Files for the PC utility... a simple, lightweight drag and drop application that keeps Mac and PC users talking.

You can try this program for free by downloading the free trial version of the Zip Mac Files for PC utility (see link on the left). This free version is good for one renaming use only (so you can see how it works). You can download the free trail as many times as you would like. If you'd like to avoid the hassle of downloading it over and over, you can purchase the Zip Mac Files for PC utility using PayPal.

Page Last modified: July 18, 2014

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Supported OSs:

El Capitan (11.11)
Yosemite (10.10)
Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)
Leopard (10.5)
Tiger (10.4)
Panther (10.3)

Zip Mac Files For PC:

The Zip Mac Files For PC software is available for immediate download after purchase. Once you have completed your transaction on PayPal's website, return to GOTOES.ORG to obtain the Zip Mac Files For PC software. A link is also sent by email. If you do not get the email, check your junk mail filter!

Download the Free Trial of the Zip Mac Files For PC The Zip Mac Files For PC program is compatible with Mac OS X.  Once you purchase, updates are FREE for life! Our free trials are full featured. The only limitations are the number of items you can process.

Download a Free Trial Free Trial of Zip Mac Files For PC Software