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Export GPX file from a Garmin Connect Course

This is a bookmarklet that will take a course that you create in Garmin Connect and export it as a GPX file. Currently, there is no option to do this directly from Garmin Connect, so we have created a tool to easily do it for you.

If you already know how to use a bookmarklet, just drag this link to your bookmarks bar -> Export CRS As GPX <- Drag this link to your bookmarks bar.

Here are detailed instructions on how to use this tool:
First you need to create a course in Garmin Connect. To create a course, log into Garmin Connect and Click on the icon with 3 horizonal bars. Then click on "Courses":

Create a Course that you can follow in your GPS

The Next Step is to click on "Create Course" to start making a new course:
Create a Garmin Course in Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect will ask if you want to use Open Street Map to make your course. This is highly recommended because Open Street Maps has many minor trails - and the database is quickly and constantly growing. Furthermore, changes in trail alignment are ususually updated here more rapidly than other sources:
Use Open Street Map when creating Garmin Courses

Next, you need to start "Clicking Along" the map, basically drawing out your intended route. If you cannot see the trails you want to take, try zooming in as much as possible:
Click along the trails and roads to make a GPS course

If you haven't done so already, drag the bookmarklet from our page to your bookmarks bar. Different browsers will have different ways of doing the drag. This is how I install it in Firefox (note that the bookmarks bar needs to be turned "on" in most browers, which you set in the preferences). How To Drag Bookmarklet to bookmarks bar

After you complete drawing the Course, Save the file, give it a name, and then you should be taken to a place where you can view your work. The URL should say something like "" ... and then it should have a number. If you see a url like this, then you are ready to click the bookmarklet that you downlooaded from us. The bookmarklet reads this number and uses it to look up the course you're trying to export as a GPX.
Exporting the GPS Track