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Get Songs off iPOD

Copying songs from your iPOD to your computer.
As you know, iTunes makes it very easy for you to copy music from your computer to your iPOD. But what if you need to go the other direction? For example, if your hard drive crashed, and you lost all of your music (but it was still on your iPOD), you could use this program to get those songs back on your computer. This software makes it easy for you to get a list of songs that are saved on your iPOD, and import the files to a chosen location on your computer. We offer a free trial which allows you to copy 5 songs at a time - so you can see if this useful utility works well for you!

Donation Ware

      Get music from your iPHONE to your Macintosh computer
The Get Songs From your iPOD software is available for Free. If our program really helps you out, we encourage you to help us keep it Free by making a donation.

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Supported OSs:

Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)
Leopard (10.5)
Tiger (10.4)

Get Songs Off iPod

Download The Free Trial of the Get Songs From your iPOD The Get Songs From your iPOD program is compatible with Mac OS X.