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Show Hidden Files on your Mac

Free software to show hidden files on the Mac! If you are a webmaster, software developer, or advanced user, you may find yourself having to frequently switch between SHOW ALL FILES and HIDE HIDDEN FILES on your Mac. This can be done with a few lines in UNIX... but why not save yourself the time and use this free desktop application. Our lightweight application will allow you to click back and forth between SHOW ALL FILES, and HIDE HIDDEN FILES. In addition, we have combined features with our (now deprecated) Change File Visibility program - so you can now use Show Hidden Files to set the visibility flag on files and folders as well!

Show All Files for Mac OSX
Macintosh computers hide many important system files from the regular user. Typically, these files are very important, and should not be tinkered with. For advanced users, it is often essential to be able to manipulate these files.

Did you come here for something else?
If you are looking to remove hidden files from your Mac Zip Files, you might be interested in our Zip Mac Files 4 PC software, which allows you to Zip Files on your Mac - but without the hidden __MAC_OSX and .DS_Store files.

Donation Ware

      Easily Show Hidden Files.
The Show Hidden Files software is available for Free. If our program really helps you out, we encourage you to help us keep it Free by making a donation.

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Supported OSs:

El Capitan (10.11)
Yosemite (10.10)
Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)
Leopard (10.5)
Tiger (10.4)

Show All Files:

Download The Free Trial of the Show Hidden Files The Show Hidden Files program is compatible with Mac OS X.